Today, music as an art form is in an awkward position – on one hand, there is a strong development in experimental music, so-called New Music, but on the other, classical music slips in more commercial forms of crossover and gala operatic evenings. It seems impossible to reconcile these two extremes, the first one propagated mainly through tiny, sect-like groups of fanatics, while the other influences great masses of people through the media. In such a situation, I try to stay observant and open to any interesting phenomena in music and to pick up any and all stylistic innovations that can be used in one’s personal musical language. I enjoy blending different kinds of music, from diverse world ethnic idioms to spectral or pointillistic structures. Such a mixture should not become a stylistic chaos or merely a musical joke; to the contrary, the procedure of crafting a personal musical language demands a solid foundation and a well-defined frame, which I find in traditional techniques of composition. It does not matter which music one combines as long as one is aware of the musical form of a composition.
Mladen Tarbuk, 2018